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My Life as a Rat - by Joyce Carol Oates

Monday, December 12, 2020 at 12:06PM

Day 5. And also, Fri-Yay. This has been an extremely intense book...a Joyce Carol Oates Novel...a work of art. A raw and vulnerable poem. Anger. Pain. Racism. Sexual Assault. Misogyny. Family dysfunction. My heart has ached through this entire week, telling this story...and I’m only more thankful for the life I have, the family I get to hug and love everyday and the people around me who love without discrimination, no matter what gender, color or sexual orientation a person is. I’ll be spending quite a lot of time outdoors this weekend after being in a box for week. It’s amazing to me, I mean, truly astounding, what the extremely accomplished, career audiobook narrators do. It’s is not widely known or recognized that this work is incredibly difficult, both mentally and physically. I certainly couldn’t do it, day in and day out. Go ahead....try it. Grab a book, go into a closet...and read it a loud...and put your heart into it...

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